South London Bartenders Network

South London Bartenders Network is a space created by hospitality workers, for hospitality workers across South London.

We want to foster a community of mutual support in an industry that’s often high-stress and low-paid. Covid-19 has made this more vital than ever – so many of us are precarious or low-paid, many now out of a job or not earning enough to live on, even when furloughed at 80%. Although we have our own ideas, we don’t know exactly what support this group will grow to provide: we’re creating the space, but it’s up to you to let us know what you need.

Post-lockdown, we hope to eventually run regular socials and 5-aside tournaments, and we’ll be hosting workshops on your rights at work and offer advice and support on how to fight for better pay and working conditions.

Some of us are members of trade unions, and willing to share our experiences, but this is primarily a space for mutual care for workers who can often face abusive customers, aggressive bosses, exploitative owners and a total lack of respect from the wider public. Think you deserve better? So do we.

Fill out our nationwide survey on Covid-19 and the hospitality sector here.

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